Accessories Hindsight Vintage Eyewear Sunglasses unisex Rice Retro 7QT1081

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Recommended for lifestyle.
For lovers of true vintage, Hindsight Vintage Eyewear is the perfect way to expand your accessories collection. The label sources from manufacturers that produced sunglasses from the ‘60s through to the early ‘90s, promising that every pair is new, unworn and truly unique.
- Genuine unworn vintage
- Black metal frames; tortoise shell accents
- Smoke tinted lenses
- Slim metal arms
- Metal nose bridge; silicone nose tabs
- Good UV protection; low sun glare reduction
PLEASE NOTE: Hindsight Vintage Eyewear sources their pieces from manufacturers that made sunglasses during the 60s through to the early 90s, meaning each item is 'true vintage'. These pieces never made it onto the shelves, so the glasses are unworn, new, and completely unique.

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